School Board Information

  • Don Pampel, President
  • Robert Gerber, Vice President
  • Kyle Arvin, Secretary
  • Rachel Cantrell, Member;
  • Dr. Brandi Schemerhorn, Member
  • Jason Kilmer, Member
  • Brian Melchi, Member

Meeting Information
  • School Board meetings are the second Monday of every month at 7:00 PM.

Meeting Minutes

 The Tri-County School Board met for their Regular meeting on Monday, April 10, 2017.

 The following topics were covered:

1.      Mr. Hagan and Mrs. Rachel Pilotte announced the Students of the Month:
                        Tri-County Primary School - Mackenzie Burns, Lucas Hernandez
      Mr. Hagan and Ms. Sharon Foster announced the Students of the Month:
                        Tri-County Intermediate School - Trinity Miller, Drake Jeffries

      Mr. McCracken announced the Students of the Month:
                        Math - Angela Ticen
                        PE/FACS/Health - Angela Tressler
                        Language Arts - Emily Kilmer
                        Social Studies - Ethan Greer
                        Fine Arts - Jordan Wasson
                        Science - Angela Ticen
                        CTE (Business) - Calista Kyburz

                        Tri-County High School - Angela Ticen
                        Tri-County Junior High School - Claire Cannady, LizBeth Geronimo

2.     Under the Reach Higher Showcase, Mrs. Susan Mattocks, 5th grade teacher, presented to the Board members about Classroom Curriculum, lessons on Economy. Four students in her class were there to talk about what they have learned. Each student has a job and is paid every two weeks with play money. These students learn how to manage their moeny and are able to spend it at a make believe mall once a month where they can spend their money on real items or they can save their money. This is all student led and Mrs. Mattocks felt like this lesson on Economy has really helped her students and only wishes she would have done this in classes before this year.      

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