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Welcome to Our Class
Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!  This website will be used on a regular basis to keep up with the classroom  happenings.  I will update the blog regularly with current events and reminders.  Keeping up with this will allow you to know what is happening earlier than any other way.  If you ever have any questions or feedback for me, please do not hesitate to call me or shoot me an email.  I will be giving out contact information during the first few weeks of school.  You can always access my email information on the right of this page.  This is going to be a super year! 

Getting to know Mrs. Taulman
Send me those questions! What do you want to know???
Q: What was/is your favorite subject in school?
A: When I was in elementary school,my favorite subject was probably Reading and English.  I always liked reading novels and writing papers.  I was kind of weird that I also loved to diagram sentences!  Now that I'm a teacher, I still love Reading, but I also love to teach Math.  One of the most fun parts of teaching the different subjects is finding ways to integrate them together (like what we did with Diary of Minnie Swift and the way we learned lots about history, too.). 
Q: Did you ever get bullied (Sydney)?
A: In fact, I did.  There was a girl at  my high school who was VERY mean to a lot of girls, and unfortunately, I was one of her targets.  My advice to anyone who is getting bullied is to find a trusting adult to talk to I also suggest trying to ignore them and/or being their friend when they don't expect it.  Some bullies bully because they want or need a friend.  You might just catch them off guard if you are nice back, and it would be great if you could set a good example for them.  Always be sure to chat with an adult about it, though. 
Q: Did you get good grades (Justin)?
I went to a school that was K-6.  In elementary school, I always made the A-B Honor Roll.  I would have liked to have been on the A Honor Roll, but that only happened a few times.  Once I got to the middle school and high school, I continued to stay on the Honor Roll except for one semester of Chemistry that did me  in!  Looking back, I wish I would have studied harder and that my parents would have held me to higher standards because I was capable of much more than what I did.  Sometimes it just takes that extra nudging to get there, though!  Once I got to college, I was finally in the right frame of mind to really apply myself, and I graduated with honors. 
Q: Who was your 4th grade teacher (Sydney)?

A: I actually went to a school south of Lafayette called Clinton Central Elementary.  There were a lot of things that at my school that are like Tri County.  In 4th grade, my teacher's name was Mrs. Glunt.  A fun fact about that is that when I was in 4th grade, we had pet gerbils, too.  Our class gerbil's name was Linda (Mrs. Glunt's first name!).  I talked my parents into letting me get a gerbil as a pet at home that year since I liked having them in class so much! 

Q: Who was your favorite friend in school, and  how many did you have (Sarah)?
A:  True friends are hard to come by!  I played with and got along with lots of my classmates, but there were very few that proved to be true friends in the long run.  I had a few friends that were there by my side throughout school, Tonia, Abigail, Whitney, and Natasha were a some of the special ones!  My advice on friends is to do your best to be nice to everyone.  I always remember my old Girl Scout saying, "Make new friends, some are silver and the others gold." 

Q: Who was your favorite teacher (Trenton)?
A: I had a ton of great teachers in my schooling.  I was lucky enough to have super teachers in elementary, middle, and high school.  I even had great professors in college at St. Joseph's and during my master's education at Indiana Wesleyan.  One teacher that sticks out was Mrs. Walters.  She was my third grade teacher.  At the time, I did not always appreciate what she was doing for me, but after looking back, I realized that she pushed me harder and taught me things I didn't think I could learn.  Another great teacher was my high school Ag teacher, Mrs Lawler.  She was great at not only being a teacher, but understanding me for who I was and being a friend, too.  

Q: What will your baby's name be if it is a girl?  Boy?
A:  As of now, we do not know if it is a girl or boy.  I DO NOT want to know!  I would love for it to be surprise!  We have a long list of names that we are undecided on right now, but I do know that no matter what it will start with an "M" because my family all has "M" names: Mark, Mandy, Morgan and Marek.  If it is a girl, the initials will be MJT.  If it is a boy, it will be MDT. 

Contact Me!
Mrs. Taulman
(219) 279-2138

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